Title l Parent Nights



To ensure the safety and improve the security of our Students and Staff in the School City of East Chicago, an electronic Visitor's Log will be used in all building beginning March 2018. 

Visitors must provide the main office with a valid and not expired form of photo identification that must display full name and date of birth. The information is scanned against the National Sex Offender Data Base.   If no match is found, the system will pint a visitor's sticker with picture identifying them as a appropriate visitor.  The system only cans name, date of birth and photo.  No other personal information is saved. 

The identification card you provide cannot be expired, must have photograph, full name  and date of birth. 

If system raises question about the background, school administration will take the necessary steps to insure the appropriateness of each individual's visit.



Volunteer Orientation



Character Trait for October Tolerance

Family Sweetheart Valentine's Day Dance

Reading Buddy Program - Mentors Needed



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Grandparents (Family) Movie Night

Freedom Church brings Santa to Washington

Family Holiday Literacy/Craft Night

Stacey Winfield "Christmas Angel"

American Education Week "Lunch With Someone Special"

Welcome Teachers/PD

2017 Christmas Decorating Contest

Volleyball Champions 2017

Our Superhero Staff

Student Council

Water Drive for West Calumet

Character Plus Walk of Fame